Social Media Shout Out
Social Media Shout Out

Social Media Shout Out

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Send a shout out for your favorite player over the internet  with our new

Social Media Shout Outs!

Shout Outs cost $10 and all 100% of the funds go to support your Chandler Wolves.

Shout Outs will be shared 1 time on each of our social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and you can share them as much as you want from there.

Shout Out Includes:

  • Player Name
  • Player Number 
  • Player Photo (you provide)
  • Class
  • Position
  • Height (if available) 
  • Weight (if available) 


When we receive your  order we will email you with a request for  the information above.

And make sure you are following us so you see the Shout Out!